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Sympathy and trust, very important manners and especially for me as an Independent Escort. So I would love to know more about you and therefore my first dates start with a dinner or drink at the hotel bar. We have the possibility to get to know about each other and decide how our evening will end. If you already have ideas for our date, you can also specify this in your booking. But first keep in mind there are some rules you need to know.

Isalie Independent Escort Dinner

4 H  •  1200€

Candle Light Dinner?

Sometimes we need more than everydays life. Enjoy our evening in a very special and romantic atmosphere with candlelight and classical music. The way to the heart is trough the stomach. You wanna join special places, restaurants or looking for events more unusual? How about a wine tasting or a cooking evening? In the following I would like to give you some ideas and inspirations for our date.

Isalie Independent Escort Erotik

6 H  •  1500€

Pure Moments?

As an independent escort, I live to come in contact with a wide range of people and I do genuinely share closeness and intimacy. I believe that love, closeness and tenderness are very often underestimated needs that are forgotten in the stress of everyday life. People are saying that you can’t buy genuine affection, but my experiences have been different.

Isalie Independent Escort Theater

8 H  •  1700€

Theater And Concerts?

My passion for performing arts and from time to time I love to escape from everyday life. Whether the opera, a theater, joining a musical or a concert or even going to the cinema. I’m celebrating modern arts and love to watch for example a ballet performance. In addition to that, I am parquet safe and like to be your companion for every situation.


10 H  •  1800€

Your Secret Escape?

I am the perfect girlfriend for a while. I will read all your wishes from your lips and I love body closeness and gentle touches and longs for devotion and passion. Open-minded, authentic and full of joie de vivre, we will enjoy an unforgettable time together, experience closeness and celebrate joy of shared experiences.

Isalie Independent Escort Hotelnacht

12 H  •  2000€

Breakfast in Bed?

 Waking up together and feeling the sun’s rays on our bare skin, while lying and reviewing our last night. How about a healthy and sumptuous breakfast in bed? Beautiful hours are coming to an end and maybe we still repeat one or the other from last night.


18 H  •  2300€

Enjoy Some Culture?

You feel art same way I do and you love strolling trough galleries or museums? Many interesting exhibitions in galleries, concerts and musicals are just waiting to be admired by us. The cultural scene is thriving and offering inspiration for everyone. It’s my pleasure guiding you through those exhibitions and bringing you closer to my personal passion.

Isalie Independent Escort Hotel

24 H  •  2600€

Wellness And More?

Do you long for rest and holistic relaxation? I personally love spa and wellness. The time out from everyday life, to do something good for the body and soul. I believe wellness treatments regenerate body and prevent diseases. Therefore, my recommendations for a little time out during the date: thermal baths| hot tub’s| sauna| treatments or massages.

Isalie Independent Escort Reisen

48 H  •  4000€

Up for an Adventure ?

You want to travel, share impressions and experiences with someone and afterwards fall into bed happily? Ending our existing day tenderly and in a very romantic way? Then let’s travel cities together and discover unknown places or look at already known places from a new perspective. Whether sightseeing, romantic walks, shopping or action. With me you won’t miss a thing. 

Isalie Independent Escort Reise

7 Tage  •  8000€


Looking for new challenges and exciting adventures? Would you like to travel to distant countries but you need the right travel companion or a partner in crime? Or do you just need a break and don’t want to spend your vacation alone? Whether it’s a survival trip or a package holiday, travel offers the unique opportunity to broaden horizons and open perspectives.

Your Investment

My fees are for services and the time I am spending with you. They are not negotiable. To exclude unserious inquiries, I am asking for a deposit of 30% before our first meeting. You’re receiving all payment information by E-mail. Please make sure to discretely hand me out the payment in the beginning of our date & in cash. And don’t let me ask for it.

Travel expenses

Within Düsseldorf there are no further costs. From a distance of 30 km I allow myself to charge the travel costs:

up to 50 km – 50€ | up to 150 km – 100€ | up to 250 km – 150 | up to 500 km – 300€


Something came up and you have to cancel our date – no problem. The deposit you have already paid remains and we will find a new date together. If I have to cancel our plans, you will get your deposit back immediately and in the fully amount.